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Feature Request - renaming: one digit for episodes
Hi, I´m using tMM to prepare my media files for MediaPortal 2. I try to rename the files with tMM in the same way, MediaPortal (MP) does when recording an episode. Unfortunalety MP doesn´t format the number of the episode (e.g. episode 3 => 3) while tMM formats this number with parameter "$E" to a two-digit-number (e.g. episode 3 => 03). I couldn´t find a parameter for "at least 1 digit".

Could you please add an parameter for the episode-number without leading zeros?

Thank you
put on our todo list
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Thank you Big Grin
hmm... i'm not a big fan of this :|
If you rename then with $S$E you will get eg 11
When we parse that again (without NFO), it will be detected as episode number.
(I smell already some incoming bug reports...)

Furthermore, the sorting inside a file explorer would look weird.
S1 E12.avi
S1 E2.avi
S1 E22.avi
S1 E5.avi

But in the end, it is a user error....

is it just a personal visual preference, or does MP not work with leading zeros?
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(2017-03-23, 20:31)myron Wrote: When we parse that again (without NFO), it will be detected as episode number.

Why? When it is a difference if you parse "S12E3" or "S12E03"? For the series number you have two parameters: one for "at least 1 digit" and one for "at least 2 digits". Why not for episoden numbers too?

I ask for an additional parameter. The default should be as ist (both with leading zeros). But when a users wants to have numbers without leading zeroes, he can change the parameters.

P.S. MP 2 can write new recordings only without leading zeroes. When importing existing files, then MP can read all kind of filenames. But then you have a mess in the explorer: some files with leading zeroes, some files without and so on.

You are just right: this is a personal visual preference. I would prefer the variant with leading zeroes if MP could write new recordings with leading zeroes. But unfortunaletly, MP can´t.

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