Alexa Feature with Amazon...
My mom n step-dad would love to see the Alexa feature added to Kodi, since they are using the Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa. I believe that this would be a great feature to add to the remote on our phones, or on the Fire Stick. Is this a possibility?
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That is abandoned. Dev last logged in in August last year.
Official support would be awesome!
The Emby Alexa skill to control Kodi works very good. You need Emby Server for Kodi to connect to though.
This would be the next big step for Kodi, there are a few solutions currently but all are messy and hard to setup.
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I've found this easy enough to set up. It is dependent on having media in your actual library so will not work directly on third party add-ons, unless they can add to your library. I've had it working on both emby and Plex add ons. Truly awesome!
Would love to have the option to use my device's native on screen keyboard instead of the one built into Kodi. This would allow for speech-to-text on fireOS via the remote for example and probably many other devices.
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