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How to properly report a potential scraper bug?
There is a potential bug in the Music Video Scraper. I described it in the thread for the scraper

Now I made a bug report on trac.

I don't expect an immediate response, but when i looked through other scraper related bug report I noticed they all did not get a response for quite a while. The reports get automatically Olympia as the owner of the ticket, who was the dev of the scraper. Is Olympia still the dev of the scraper (or any scraper)? Does only the owner of the ticket read it? What is the best way to make a bug report in any case?
The workings of the current scrapers are a mystery to most people, thus updates and bug fixing have been pretty the exclusive realm of Olympia.

We are hope recent code changes which will now allow scrapers to be written in python will lead to better supported scrapers as they should be easier for anyone with a python background to pick up and understand.
Thanks for the response. Is there a way that this bug report (and possibly the others that did not get a reply) does not drop to the bottom of trac and go unnoticed? I went back as far as the beginning of 2016 and none of the scraper related bug reports got a reply.
I don't want to be impatient. The bug I reported is definitely not critical in any way. I just have the strong feeling that any scraper related bug report on trac will be unnoticed when the automatically chosen owner (olympia in this case) is not active in the area.
olympia wrote scrapers. i wrote the scraper system. i have no time to deal with it, so i tried to kick off but it has more or less died again (and i do not have much time to spearhead development these days). but that's the best cause of action - make the python scrapers a reality so peeps understand them and can extend, fix and innovate.
Python scrapers will come alive again soon
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How to properly report a potential scraper bug?00