Hi , i had my previous post deleted but I think my request was misunderstood. I am not looking to get this service for free, I am a Corus subscriber , Global TV has the option of viewing their Live TV on their website with a login , the same as SportsNet does for supporting Cable providers and KODI fully supports the Sportsnet add-on correct? I would like to see a Global TV add-on where i can use my current TV subscription (Shaw) to login and watch ... legally.... am I missing something that would make this illegal?'

My previous request: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=309751
Like a lot of these requests, they usually point back at illicit sources and your message didn't make the nature of the message quite clear. Irregardless, should you get someone interested enough to build an add-on for this purpose, it most likely would have to be someone who already has the service, is in Canada (Global is Geo locked) read-> not a big market, even less so with Corus subscription required and does the delicate dance that avoids rebroadcasting charges. So if you want to try your hand at making an add-on, kudos to you, I look forward to your offerings. Add-on development (wiki)
thanks PatK , appreciate the response!
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I would love this ad on as well. I think I have seen it as part of a Canadian television bundle. But I am in the United States and I cannot afford to pay for a VPN. I do however have a VPN that runs on my entire iOS system. Would that be sufficient enough? It does allow me to use the Global Go app. The young and the restless Ayres one episode ahead of the United States in Canada. But I do have a little trick for somebody who is interested in this channel. If you are not in Canada, create an alternative iTunes account. There are websites you can search for on Google that have fake but verifiable Canadian addresses. Luckily, the laws in Canada do not require that you put a credit card on file with Apple. Log out of your existing iTunes account, and log into the new Canadian when you created. Then you can download the Global Go app. Install the free offer a VPN and set your location to Canada. Also it's worth buying a block mobile to cut out the commercials. You can then log back in with your normal iTunes account. Just make sure the VPNs are switched on when you use the app and you will be able to watch global shows from any country with no commercials. It's not as complicated as it sounds really. But I would love for a kodi addon. You only need to use your fake Canadian account once to be able to download the app. You can then log back into your normal one and never worry about the Canadian one again. And alternative method is to use the Hola proxy/VPN add on for chrome, Opera, or Firefox. set your location to Canada before you go to the Global TV website. It will then remember your preferences. I am not sure exactly which ad blocker works the best because I have to run a combo of them so just try them out and you will be able to watch shows commercial free.
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