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Hi first of all, thanks @tgx for this great skin. I have been using it for a couple of months now. I have made changes to the skin and has been good. Today, I found that the scripts-skinshortcuts-includes xml has been updated and lost some of my work.
I have changed the version number in the addon xml a couple months ago, I thought this will stop any updates to the skin.

I then copied and paste my backup script-skinshortscuts-includes xml to the 1080i folder, opened up my build. My build returns, but then it updates and goes back to default settings.

So, my question is....how do I stop script-skinshortcuts-includes xml from being updated?

Your help would greatly appreciated. thanks.
All sorted now. I've worked it out.
Hi Bigkev3, care to share what solution you came up with,

I'm having same issue when skin updates i loose all custom icon and they revert back to default.

would appreciate any help in preventing this

thanks in advance
Hi Cutwelddrive,

Sorry I did not respond straight away. Just got home from a 12 hr shift at work. First of all, Do you have a back of your build, before the update happened?

Luckily for me, I had backed up my build a day before.

If you had, open up your back up. Go into userdata then into addon_data. Scroll down and copy script.shortcuts folder.

Then go into where your build is located. Do the same process. But instead you need to delete scripts.shortcuts and replace it with the backup version.

Next step is...go back to your backup. Go to addons then skin.nebula folder. Open 1080i folder , scroll down to Includes_Skinshortcuts and copy.

Go back to your builds location and do the same process. Delete Incudes_skinshortcuts folder and replace it with the backup version. I also changed the version number of the xml.

Restart kodi and all should be back to normal.

Goodluck. Let me know how you went.
thanks Bigkev3, thanks for the info.
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