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This will make your head spin, i Quarantine it :D
(2017-03-20, 14:01)Big Aero Wrote:
(2017-03-19, 02:32)DJ_Izumi Wrote: Is the OP mentally ill? o_O

Comments like this are discusting.

No, I'm serious. This thread's OP is borderline word salad and I in all seriousness wonder if mental illness is at play here.
(2017-03-20, 21:20)stefansaraev Wrote:
(2017-03-20, 20:39)nickr Wrote:
(2017-03-20, 14:01)Big Aero Wrote: Comments like this are discusting.
Spelling like this is disgusting.

grammar police

No that was spelling police. Grammar police would point out the lack of a capital letter and fullstop in your post. Wink
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You know, mental illness is a tricky thing to discuss. Whenever it is brought up by anyone other than the subject of the discussion, it is immediately considered rude, which is kind of a curious thing, since the same isn't true of a broken arm that might prevent typing or the flu or other more established illness. Though I guess it probably is true of obesity. Might just be that, in the US at least, there's a stigma associated with these particular things that isn't associated with more physical ailments. I have no idea if OP has any mental or physical impairments, but for decency's sake, I'd suggest we leave the topic alone unless OP specifically brings it up.

This will make your head spin, i Quarantine it :D00