Win Kodi 17.0 - NordVPN conflict
I recently loaded the NordVPN client on two PCs and one works fine with Kodi 17.0 and the other does not.
|PC#1 Is a laptop running Windows 7, Kodi 17.0 and the NordVPV client. Everything works great. No issues.
PC#2 is a tower running Windows 10, Kodi 17.0 and the NordVPN client. Kodi 17.0 works fine when NordVPN is not activated. When NordVPN is actived, Kodi will load, go to its main menu and then disappear entirely. The Task Manager shows no Kodi running in the background either.
Has anyone experienced this and is there a known fix?
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You're better asking support for such paid service to the people you're paying for them.
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