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BUG - Empty TV shows not hidden
I think I found the problem and the solution for me.

When I add a series label all seems to go well.

Video library - Series - Labels - serie label


No idea why it does work with these labels and not with other ways but for now it seems to be solved.
Is someone able to submit this as a bug? I have the same issue (using Emby with Kodi, Krypton 17.3) where empty TV show series are displayed, with 0 content. They were not displayed in Jarvis. I tried to figure out how to submit a bug on the Bugtracker, but it's very confusing.
This isn't a support thread for Emby, submitting this as a bug will be disregarded. I should mention that the system 'clean' should help effect changes if listings without videos are showing up.
I suppose I should have been more clear. This is NOT an Emby issue. This is a Kodi issue. I only mention Emby in case it helps someone troubleshoot. But this issue has been present in Kodi Krypton (and was not present in Jarvis).

I'm not sure what you mean by a system 'clean'. If you are referring to cleaning out empty folders, that might be a temporary solution. But a big pain to do for every show that's in between seasons. It was much better when the "Show Empty TV Shows" setting in Kodi actually worked when disabled (aka hidden). But it doesn't work now.

The problem has also been posted here:

But it doesn't seem like anyone has reported it as a bug yet.

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