TV Show Scanning Error "***Don't Add TV Shows With Out Official Premiere Date***
(2017-03-22, 06:30)blossom24 Wrote:
(2017-03-22, 05:18)phase700b Wrote: /Volumes/Video 1/TV Shows/The Stand/1x1.mkv That 1x1.mkv and the other episodes in The Stand folder have had many different and more complete names I've tried. That's just the last bare bones one I tried. When I set the library up 6 or 7 years ago I chose to scape TV shows in DVD order. I've never really had a problem till today.
I've ripped my old "Space 1999" DVD's and will try those tomorrow. I don't expect a problem with those. There isn't any .1 or .2 episodes. I've done many other series with those 2 part episodes in the past. Seems like something has changed. Maybe at the TVDB.

I just tested your show on my system. No problems whatsoever. It scraped first time with 1 season and 4 episodes. I use DVD Order.

I named it as follows
\\Htpc-pc\h\TV Shows\Stand\Stand S1E01.1.mkv
\\Htpc-pc\h\TV Shows\Stand\Stand S1E01.2.mkv
\\Htpc-pc\h\TV Shows\Stand\Stand S1E02.1.mkv
\\Htpc-pc\h\TV Shows\Stand\Stand S1E02.2.mkv

Just a heads up with Space1999 Season 1... My copy scraped ok, but all the episodes were mixed and didn't match the metadata. My DVD's have a different listing to the one on TVDB site.


Also, I am not experiencing any of the problems mentioned in Post 1. Does Kodi even have that Message in its coding anywhere? Could be an Add-On problem
Hey thanks, I'll give those titles a shot. Don't remember if I tried that same title structure.

Yeah I know those Space 1999 episodes are a little off.

That message from the first post shows up the first time I try to scrape The Stand. When I change the titles and refresh the episodes it doesn't show up. If I remove it from the library completely and re-ad it, the message shows up again.

Anyway I'll add those titles identically to yours, hopefully it goes right through.
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