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Intel NUC + Logitech Harmony + Flirc on Linux Mint
Hey Guys,

I'm struggeling with my setup and so far couldn't find any help on the internet and in this forum. Would really appreciate some help!

- Intel NUC 5PPYH with Linux Mint
- Logitech Harmony (The one with the Wireless base)
- Flirc

The last two years I used another HTPC without an IR receiver.. that's why I bought the Flirc. It all worked, but I had to turn on the HTPC by hand instead of over the Harmony. Now I have replaced the old HTPC and bought the Intel NUC 5PPYH, which has a built in IR receiver.

My main question now is: Which Setup is better? The one with or without the Flirc? Is the control over harmony directly to the NUC faster than over flirc?
I tried to set it up without the Flirc (by adding WINDOWS MCE KEYBOARD to Harmony) but that didn't work (can only start/turn off NUC - no controls).

If I run the new NUC with Flirc, it works fine. I'm also happy with the reaction speed, so I wouldn't mind just keeping it that way. Only thing that does not work is turning it off correctly, because there are two same commands (one from kodi one from harmony). I can't delete the turn off step by harmony in the action and therefore when I close Kodi (which turns off the NUC) the command from harmony turns the NUC back on.

Thanks in advance!

Intel NUC + Logitech Harmony + Flirc on Linux Mint00