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IPVanish and other VPN Services
I am based in the UK and an using an Android Kodi set top box. I have recently installed IP Vanish for anti-virus and security reasons, howeverI notice that this has halved my broadband speed. When I disable IPVanish my throughput is approx 26 Meg, with IP vanish enable it is around 13 meg. I expected some slowdown due to the rerouting of traffic through the VPN gateway server and then to my Cable Modem, but this seems excessive. I have tweaked my IP configuration to the "use the best server" option but this still does not help. Currently my VPN server is in my local Surrey area just a few miles away from my home, so I cannot see this distance as causing the issue. This obviously has an effect on my streaming operations, with movies sometimes freezing and having to be restarted. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this issue with IPVanish and knows how to work around it, or is using another VPN service that gives better performance than this?

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Take a close look at the logo at the top of the page - does it say IPVanish? Would you go to their boards and ask about a Kodi issue?

If you want to use such a service that's up to you, but we do not support it. That's their job and what you presumably pay them for.

Oh and a VPN has nothing to do with anti-virus and won't do anything if you're surfing on the dodgy end of the net. And if you're using it for security, why aren't you using it to post here?
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I used to use IPVanish and I had problems with their program really bogging my system down. Even with 16gigs of ram I could tell when that damn program was running. Now, as far as connection speeds, I didn't see as big a loss as you. Since using them I have switched over to Private Internet Access. I connect from San Diego, California and for the last 5 months I cannot see a difference in speed between the two, but their program to connect(BOTH use openVPN I believe) doesn't bog my system down. I definitely recommend PIA!

*As a side note, sign up for one month, but cancel your account before it renews. When you reach your last day you will be given ~1 week of free usage and then an email a day or two later asking you to sign back up at a discounted rate that doesn't increase after a certain period of time. IIRC, I'm paying less than $6 a month for my vpn. Smile Let me know if you decide to give it a shot and what you thought!

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