[Kodi 17 Krypton] no radio entries using vuplus pvr-addon

I am just looking for the problem in my configuration why I an not seeing any radio channels in my Radio-Menu of KODI 17.

My used components:
KODI 17 (LibreELEC 8.0.0 x64)
VU+ Solo² (VTI Image 11.0 -> previously 9.x experiencing same effect)

The TV-Bouqets are imported perfectly from the VU+ PVR-Addon. I have a few Radio Bouqets on the VU+ (including the standard Radio Bouqet "Favourites (Radio)").
Even after deleting and re-importing the Channels no Radio-Channels. Undecided

Just recognized that the VU+ receiver has more than one "Favourite (Radio)" Bouqets and one of it is emty... Confused
Guess I'm on the right track...

Nah! Removed the one Bouqet with entries, added entries to the empty one... but: No luck anyways... Sad
Any suggestions?

Hope someone can help.

I don't know if you found a solution, I have a different but similar problem regarding Radio listening.

LibreElec 8.0.1 (Kodi 17) on RasPi with VU+/Enigma2 plug-in
VU+ Duo2 (VTI 8.x , can't remember exactly)

In Kodi I can see the Radio channels defined on the VU+ but I cannot listen to them.
The blue circle is spinning for approx. 10 seconds, then the screen returns to the channel list.
Watching TV works fine.
I went back to an old SD-card with Kodi 15.2 and the problem was the same.
Hi, I am using MrMC on Apple tv4 and also OSMC on a Appletv 1. Radio works okay on both of them, but only the stations I added to the Radio Favorites bouquet show in Kodi. Seems to be a standard behavior.
Could someone explain how to add a Radio channel as a favourite?

I have a ZGemma H5.2TC configured. On the remote, I can press a "TV" and / or "Radio" button and it seems to switch between what I guess are Bouquets (new to this terminology, and how the devices work!). From here, I can play the expected radio channels that are scanned in from my provider.

But the Kodi VU+ addon does not see these at all. It lists some foreign radio channels (German) instead under the Radio section.
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