Kodi 17 - no radio entries using vuplus pvr-addon

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jabba80 Offline
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I am just looking for the problem in my configuration why I an not seeing any radio channels in my Radio-Menu of KODI 17.

My used components:
KODI 17 (LibreELEC 8.0.0 x64)
VU+ Solo² (VTI Image 11.0 -> previously 9.x experiencing same effect)

The TV-Bouqets are imported perfectly from the VU+ PVR-Addon. I have a few Radio Bouqets on the VU+ (including the standard Radio Bouqet "Favourites (Radio)").
Even after deleting and re-importing the Channels no Radio-Channels. Undecided

Just recognized that the VU+ receiver has more than one "Favourite (Radio)" Bouqets and one of it is emty... Confused
Guess I'm on the right track...
[Image: m5Pfaua.png]

Nah! Removed the one Bouqet with entries, added entries to the empty one... but: No luck anyways... Sad
Any suggestions?

Hope someone can help.

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Peter99 Offline
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I don't know if you found a solution, I have a different but similar problem regarding Radio listening.

LibreElec 8.0.1 (Kodi 17) on RasPi with VU+/Enigma2 plug-in
VU+ Duo2 (VTI 8.x , can't remember exactly)

In Kodi I can see the Radio channels defined on the VU+ but I cannot listen to them.
The blue circle is spinning for approx. 10 seconds, then the screen returns to the channel list.
Watching TV works fine.
I went back to an old SD-card with Kodi 15.2 and the problem was the same.
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leecooper Offline
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Hi, I am using MrMC on Apple tv4 and also OSMC on a Appletv 1. Radio works okay on both of them, but only the stations I added to the Radio Favorites bouquet show in Kodi. Seems to be a standard behavior.
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