Mild Stutter in Kodi17
Upgraded from v15 to Kodi 17 and have noticed a very mild stutter when playing movies and tv shows.
I have tried streaming them from my NAS and copying and playing them locally to eliminate network issues.
File location doesn't make a difference.

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The stutter is noticeable but mild, can really see it in panning scenes.

I have tried changing settings 'Number of buffers used by graphics driver" and changing render method from DXVA to software and vice versa.

Here is the debug log
I am not running any 'unsanctioned addons' or 'repos'

debug log

thank you...3rd time's the charm, sorry for previous errors
Did you try toggling the sync to playback? Looking at the OSD while watching one of these videos will show up bottlenecks, but I think you'll find your graphic engine is challenged. I put it head to head with my gfx card which is some 8 yrs young. and mine is at the end of it's cycle, you can guess what I'm going to say, so I'll refrain. A stop gap measure that will hold a while would be a Linux or LibreELEC (wiki) install.
So is Kodi 17 more of a resource hog? As stated it worked fine on V15....perhaps I can roll back until I either replace GPU or add a dedicated video card
There was some incremental changes from 15.2 and DX9 moving to Jarvis 16.1 and DX11 and then on to Krypton with most drivers playing catch-up. With your set-up a Linux or LibreELEC would be very functional (you might be able to run LibreELEC from a USB key) . A windows solution going to back to 15.2 which doesn't have h265 support, you would have to consider an external player for that. If your library has been exported to separate files, pulling the meta-data back in with a local scraper wouldn't be too painful.
just purchased a new video card, going to try that instead of using just the on board video.
I appreciate your help
Sadly that's the solution for most of us that expect 4K and h256 out of ancient hardware, but you do have alternatives in the Linux family.
Purchased video card and installed.
Picture is actually clearer and sharper...I thought it looked good before

I made some changes... I set "Sync playback to display" , which I was unable to set to On before because playback quality.

Stuttering is now gone...guess I needed a new card to solve the issue.

Thanks for the help
Remember, if you enable Sync playback to display, you will not pass through some audio formats to your AVR if using one.
Try enabling Match refresh rate instead.
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ok, great, thanks for that

So to have the smoothest playback, this option would be the one to choose?
That's where many of us have problems.
Smooth playback and no decoding or less smooth playback and passthrough available.
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