Major problem pop up randomly
Hello can someone help me figure out what is going on. last week i had major buffer problems. kodi exiting after skiping through a recording, today in getting mce recording folder missing (its not) and will no longer stream any live channels, no setting have been changed. someone help me fix this. also why do i keep getting such random issues,

here is the log:
According to the log the client that is running Kodi is not able to access the shared recorded tv folder, which matches the error you are seeing. While it is in this state (client cannot reach rec tv folder), live tv and recorded tv won't work. You don't say what the client machine is, but assuming its an android box make sure it can still access this shared folder using smb.

As to what the problems were before that, there isn't enough info to know. Maybe provide a log for that case after this problem is resolved.
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
Ok I'll look further into this. Just strange as absolutely nothing has been changed. I can't even watch live TV. Also the problem stretches not just on the Android box but my Windows units as well
well this problem turned out that, all of the computers on the network decided to change from home to public blocking access.its now working, not sure as to why it happened.

ill send the report for the other issues as they arise
Good. Thanks for following up.
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
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