Windows - NEED HELP - Android development on Windows

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I am supposed to develop an android app using kodi open source library as a project. I searched the forum and internet for a startup knowledge but I couldn't find a guide to realize it on Windows.
Mainly, it is mentioned that for developing Ubuntu is required and it is also possible with MacOs but I couldn't find any material indicatin that it is also possible with Windows. (If there is such material,forgive me, it is due to lack of my search)
All I found is a topic in this forum that belong to year 2011 and it says that it is not possible yet.

I am also a new android developer, just learned android a few weeks ago for this project. Can you please guide me for how I can develop android apps with android studio in Windows if it is possible?

I really appreciate and welcome any quick answer because I have a strict deadline for the project, thanks in advance.
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Not possible. Kodi ist 95% native C code on android. In case you have learned java for this project you should learn linux and C instead quickly before your deadline (i mean wtf a deadline?) gets you.

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