Tuners marked disabled
Was watching live TV when the picture froze. After some investigation and reboots, I'm getting an error that is marking all 3 of my HDHR tuners as "disabled" in ServerWMC. They show up OK with the web status page and live TV works via the HDHR View app. But in Kodi I just get "all tuners busy". Any ideas here?

Well this is odd. I checked on the local system and live TV is working there OK. So I rebooted the remote HTPC also and now it's working. Although in the ServerWMC status tab the tuners status still shows up as disabled and I'm curious about the errors in the logs.
Serverwmc is querying the state of the tuner and the COM is reporting an error. Interesting that live tv is working anyway. I bet rebooting the server machine will clear it up. Why it is stuck in this state I don't know, but I think it will recover with a reboot.
Windows Media Center PVR addon (pvr.wmc) and server backend (ServerWMC)
I had already rebooted that system. Checked it today and things are back to normal, seems to have cleared itself overnight via some scheduled tasks.
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