BUG - Kodi 17.1 force close

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spider3g Offline
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When I go to quit Kodi 17.1 it just hangs and doesn't' close. I have to force close the application every time. I'm on a Mi Box 3. Can anyone else confirm this. Thanks!
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OptimusGREEN Offline
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It's probably something else on your kodi setup causing this.

Believe it or not i had the same issue and fixed it by deleting my favourites file.

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montu Offline
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Can confirm this bug with my FireTV 1.Gen.
Kodi 17.1 hangs up when I want to shut down Kodi.

Only way out of Kodi is return to FireTV Homescreen.

As I don't have any favourites there is nothing I can wipe.

*** Update ***

Removing the add-on SportsDevil together with Sportie resolves the Exit problems for me.

You can find more information here:
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