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Library not correct in web interface
I use the iOS remote app and I also checked this on the web interface and it shows TV shows that I've deleted and don't show up in the library in the main on screen interface and don't exist on the hard drive. It this a bug in the web interface or is there something I can do to clean that up as there doesn't appear to be a way to remove the extraneous programs from there since they don't show up anywhere inside Kodi but in the web interface.
Not sure what web interface you have up..? Add-on:Chorus (wiki)

I'll move this query to a more appropriate area.
Thanks, wasn't sure where to post it. I am using the default web interface but I just rebuilt my library so resolve the issue.
Am facing the exact same issue. I am use Chrous2 as my web interface with the latest stable build of Kodi. It seems my TV Shows are not cleaned up from the interface when I delete from my library. Its fine on the main kodi application but not on Chrorus. No such issue on movie library though.

Library not correct in web interface00