Bug Krypton ActivateWindow return behaviour
Dear Team Kodi,

As of the releases of Krypton there is still an issue present with the ActivateWindow(window[,dir,return]).
According to the wiki "For some windows (MusicLibrary and VideoLibrary), the return parameter may be specified, which indicates that Kodi should use this folder as the "root" of the level, and thus the "parent directory" action from within this folder will return the user to where they were prior to the window activating."

In earlier versions of Kodi when i have an favourite for example the live section of the youtube addon: ActivateWindow(10025,"plugin://plugin.video.youtube/special/live/",return) I expect that when I hit my Backspace key on the keyboard, I will return to the Home menu. Instead this will now result in the previous menu within the addon, which in this case is the root of the youtube addon.

Is there any way to get the same behaviour as it was in earlier versions of kodi?
Bump. This is still a problem. Did you ever find a fix?
Are you running a nightly build?
(2018-10-27, 15:36)Hitcher Wrote: Are you running a nightly build?
 I tested on KodiSetup-20181016-0f435864-master-x64.

I've cross-posted it here too in case anyone knows in the Addons forum.
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