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Android - KODI won't always start on new OLED 4K TV
I just replaced my old Plasma with a PL LED 4K TV, and now I do have a start issue with KODI (or SPMC)

As soon as I use AMBER as my default skin (on my Nvidie Shield 2015) , KODI or SPMC wont start.
At first I do get the KODI splash screen but then nothing happends.

Only after several restarts of KODI or SPMC, system runs as it should.
This appends using KODI 16 and 17 or 17.1

Using deault skin does not give me this problem.

Wonders if somebody is also having this issue on a 4K TV?
Hi, can you try the latest version, 3.0.7 should be available from the official repo now.

KODI won't always start on new OLED 4K TV00