v18 Music Library Development Roadmap - One Man's Plan
Dave...this thread explain what Will be nice to have for this kind of showing Music library...

Please add in "todo":

-Add new listItem. "ListItem.ArtistID" (useful on Album level to create context list with all album of Artist of focused Album)
-Make working Action(Queue) for playlist in library (See in post for what list this will be useful to use)

(2017-03-31, 15:12)DaveBlake Wrote: I will be deleting posts and editing etc., so do not take offense if that happens to your post.
I declare this thread is mine to do with as I will!!! Smile
XBoxMediaCenter (Kodi Matrix ) 19.3 , AndroidBox -Matrix Skin AeonMQ6

Just a heads up that as of June 14th, Leia changed the way addon settings are handled, so the DialogAddonSettings will be unusable for any body that is using your test build with a skin that has been updated to reflect that change. See https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2603091.


Done a little tidy-up, split off stuff here https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=317602

Thanks Bart for the heads up on addons.

First post is updated with my incredibly slow progress (lost in scraper-land at the moment). A new test build is available TestScraping

This greatly reduces the 503 errors or gaps in results when scraping artists or albums (only global server issues should cause failures). Useful testing for me would be if some of you could do a clean install (use portable mode so your setup is not effected) and try out adding a music source with "Fetch additional info on update" enabled so that scraping happens immediately after scanning. Use the latest versions of the Universal album and artist scrapers please too.
Done a tidy up, split off scraping phase #1 changes testing feedback and questions to Testing scraping changes and feedback Thanks to those involved.

This is now merged into the current nightly.
PR to fix change of information provider for albums and artists here https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12597
a) Setting artist or album info provider selectively that works!
b) Facility to set for multiple artists or albums
c) Facility to set default from within library, and to reset for artists and albums

Going to want testers, anyone want to be selective about which parts of their music collection they scrape additional data for and where it comes from? The old functionality was so broken I doubt it was used.
(2017-07-31, 20:27)DaveBlake Wrote: PR to fix change of information provider for albums and artists here https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12597
a) Setting artist or album info provider selectively that works!
b) Facility to set for multiple artists or albums
c) Facility to set default from within library, and to reset for artists and albums

Going to want testers, anyone want to be selective about which parts of their music collection they scrape additional data for and where it comes from? The old functionality was so broken I doubt it was used.


Thank you for this!!! I have been using it extensively in the last couple of days. I scanned my whole library again into Kodi (226k songs, 2800+ album artists, 16k+ albums), and the album artist count was what I expected. I started working with artists, and, as expected, a lot were not found by Universal Artist Scraper. So, for a lot of artists where I do have an NFO with appropriate information (including MBID for the most part), and a thumb and fanart, I changed the local provider and refreshed, getting just what I wanted. I did this for individual artists first, and then set local provider as default and refreshed all artists. The results were as expected, so this is working fine!

It will take me a while, though, to get every single one of my album artists to show info and images. I will chip away at it slowly, but surely.


Most recent test build is KodiSetup-20171025-d3186d58ff-ProviderDialog-x64.exe - link is Win64 but other platforms on mirrors accordingly.

This has better local artist art handling and export (nfo creation) facility
see https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=319284 for full discussion and any feedback please.

It also has a improved add music work flow/UI by making the default scraper settings available from the "add to library" prompt.



Similar settings dialog is used from "Change Information provider" on context menu for artists or albums nodes, replacing the intermediate sub-menu I added earier in v18 with  selection list on the dialog itself.
Just adding this info/request from the Artwork Beef Add-on thread regarding the new artwork types for music to bring it up to feature parity with Movies and TVShows.

Quote:Just out of interest, what artwork features are you missing from the music library support?

I thought there was a recent PR to fix that for cdart and banners...

EDIT: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/11754

Reply from Add-on creator
Quote:That PR only applies to scrapers/information providers and library imports. JSON-RPC can only get fanart and thumb for artists, and can't set any artwork in the music library at all (artists or albums), so Artwork Beef can do nothing (JSON-RPC is the only sanctioned way for it to interact with the library). Additionally, Kodi needs a "Choose art" option in the GUI so users can set extended artwork manually, for both artists and albums at least.
 Music library extended artwork support  works like charm...no isue, and is faast for art changing.

I write in Marcel git long time ago.Now is explenation why to addArtistID in Album Level

This is view for content Album.
In first column are Title for album in second are AlbumTitle for that Artist.
I use dynamic list with code from helper script (Kodi doesen't have that code)
This code find all album for that Album Artist, and i can with single click to play whole Album song from same Artist.

- Have you think to add somthing like "trailer" for music...?
I add in Marcel script "youtube.track" from Zag (@docwra ) theAudioDB.Working almost perfect ( have problem with contry region playing-can't play some videos).

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Just done a much overdue thread tidy-up, and update of first post.  The done list is growing in length, but the todo and in-progress not getting any shorter!!!

The split off stuff is here https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=330953
Most recent test build is 20180415-bc197eda-PR13769 - link is Win64, OSX build also on the mirrors, please ask (in this thread) for any other platform.

This has improved disc set local artwork handling PR13769
See https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=330961 for full discussion and any feedback please.

EDIT: this PR has now merged 23/04/2018 and will be in the next nightly build
New option to prefer online album art over the art embedded in music file as provided by PR13812 has now merged 29/04/2018 and will be in the next nightly build.

See https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=331191 for fuller description. Local album covers will continue as before to take precedence over both scrapped and embedded covers.
I have been so busy since April  I didn't have time to tell anyone what I was doing!! Here is a catch up of the major improvements and new features:
  1. Liberation of local art types supported
    Make automatic fetching of any type of local artist and album art configurable (rather than hard coded) via a white list of art types (matching filename)  PR13848. Skinners and art fetching addon authors need to work together as a community to decide what common art types they will support, but this no longer needs any core changes to Kodi itself. For v18 this is an expert user feature rather than something I expect every user to master, but I hope configuration will eventually become part of skin/addon setup.

  2. Media Source as Filter for AArtists, Albums and Songs
    Add music library facility to filter artists, albums and songs by media source. PR14012. This is something for users, especially those with large and diverse music collections (like mine).

    It is very natural to categorise music by putting it under separate folders, and in v18 with the introduction of the Artist Information Folder, users can arrange their music files into whatever folders they like (there is no longer any need to try to have all the music by an artist, and only that artist, under one unique folder in order to have local art and artist.nfo files). So say you arrange your music into folders they like e.g. "Opera", "Kids stuff", "Party Music", "Top Jazz Music", "Why did I buy this" etc. , then by simply adding these as separate sources (via the media source dialog), filtering based on source is available from the side blade filter and smart playlist/custom node rules.

  3. JSON API Music Data Faster Access
    An internal reworking of the batch access to song, album and artist data via JSON API has made it significantly faster (~ 5 times depending on the data requested). PR14160 This makes apps such as Yatse and Kore, that fetch music data in batches, much faster to sync.

See pull requests for more details. I also fixed some bugs along the way - a devs work is never done.
+1 on the big Thanks to the Kodi/Music team. Music support in Kodi has improved greatly over the years and is rock solid.
I have an ask for consideration for the roadmap, basically the only major gap I ran into and have seen other people mention as well.

Currently, third party remote apps and Web interfaces leverage the powerful JSON API to expose all music functionality, library, playback.

In particular, the current API alllows Kodi's default web-interface to play music selected from the collection in the remote browser, and allows kodi remote apps to play/stream music from the collection to the smartphone itself.

This works seamlessly as long as the songs being played back were imported/scanned into Kodi's library are independent files, i.e. each song is actually one file in the media storage (e.g. one .flac or .ogg file)

However, this functionality is broken when the songs that one is trying to have Kodi stream to a browser or to an app was scanned from a "single flac file album + cuesheet" type of source. What currently happens is that when I select any song from a "single flac file +cuesheet album" in Kodi's web interface (or any remote app, such as Yatse) to be played in the remote browser or in a smartphone, kodi streams the entire album (flac file), instead of just the song.

In my case, my entire collection is in this format. So when I try to play via the browser an album that contains e.g. 10 songs, the entire album is played back 10 times Smile

My ask to the devs: is it possible to extend the JSON API to cover the scenario of streaming songs from a singe-file+cuesheet album, starting the stream at the beginning of the song and ending it at the end of the song, as opposed to blindly streaming the entire single-file-album
Is there any plan to support the OGG/FLAG tag for OCCASION?  I've been hard-tagging these for years in the hopes of future implementation, and it looks like Kodi is using more allmusic tags recently.  I tag allmusic Moods in MOOD and allmusic Themes as OCCASION.  Quick link example: https://www.allmusic.com/album/meredead-mw0002118241.

PS: We've talked about misc. music things in the past, Dave, and I appreciate all your work.  It seems like everything is focused on Movies/TV and Music gets relatively ignored, and I thank you for holding up the Music end of things. Music

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