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No subtitles panel in Official Kodi Remote controller?
On my android phone I used to use Kore to remotely navigate Kodi (LibreELEC) . it had subtitles button where i could choose subtitles, go to subtitles dowloader or set some timing for current loaded subtitles - it was AWESOME!

Now i switched to iOS and first thing i downloaded was Official Remote controller but suprisingly i havent found even downloader in it?! I tried few other remotes and only Sybu Kodi brings up movie control layout where i can jump over buttons and run Subtitles menu. But it hasnt got any shortcut button or anything like that so i have to click 5 times right arrow, 2 times up and click OK to bring up menu.

1.Can anyone tell me how to do it efficiently or...
2. ... can point an iOS app that can have such feature?
3. Where i can submit a ticket for mentioned features for Official Kodi Remote app?

No subtitles panel in Official Kodi Remote controller?00