Kodi Leia (v18) - is a version of Titan made for it at all

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I understand cast images are accessible by going into the info window for a title. Would you consider 'Cast Images in Library View' specifically 'Movies' included as an option in the core or as a widget? I happen to use 'Horizontal Panel' fwiw. When scanning the library to pick a title, cast becomes as important as other items like synopsis, artwork, title specs, etc., at times. Here is a working model, post #4


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Skin is working well for me in Kodi 18 apart form having a vertical home menu. Everytime i try to set a vertical menu Kodi crashes any chance you could have a look?
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Hey guys, Been busy for a while with personal stuff but back on track to provide you with some updates.
I will be working on the Kodi Leia version of the skin later this week, first I'm fixing some remaining bugs on the Krypton skin and helper addons so I can push out an update to the repo.
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While you are fixing the bugs could you please see if you can fix the display of channel logos (rather than just the plain text channel name) in the lower right corner of the Recordings screen, as discussed in the last few posts in the beta thread (https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...page=120)? Would much appreciate it, if possible. Thanks.

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