[Solved] several times a movie in a collection
Hi guys,

i found a pretty weird bug which shows a movie several times in a collection, but only in a special mode.
This mode is called in german "Informationen umbrechen" - maybe something like "break up informations" or kind of ...
This is the icon for the mode: Image
And a screenshot with the described problem: [Image: rapier_information_umiyaxz.jpg]

types140 Cool
Not sure this is a real bug, having two movies in a sub set folder will give you this in most skins as it's about the rotational view, change views.
Hi types140 and welcome to the forums.

PatK is right: if you only have 2 or 3 movies in your collection, this particular view (Wrap Info) will wrap the same movies again and again.
This is intended behavoir.

You can try some of the other views, as many views don't do this.
Thank you guys.

In this case this view is absolutly useless unless i have sorted my movies without using collections. There're just a handful collections which have enough movies to fill out the whole view ...

This view works as the movies come from the side "switched" into the view, right? Isn't there a possibility to just let them switch from aside without completly fill up the whole view?
That could give this view a more useful chance.

But nevertheless a great skin!
I'm sorry, but that won't change for Wrap Info View, as it will break the layout.

Rapier currently has 10 view types for the movies library, so I'm sure you can find one you like. Wink
You could keep Wrap Info view for your main collections and change to another view type once inside the movie set.

Or you can edit the skin xml's yourself, if you like.
Edit ViewsMovies.xml and find the 2 lines with:
<control type="wraplist" id="53">

Change it to:
<control type="fixedlist" id="53">

But note that with each skin update, all custom edits in the skin folder gets overwritten. And I strongly recommend always keeping the skin updated.
Alright i understand. I'll try an other view :-)

Is it okay to hijack this thread for another question?
Is there a possibility to get rid of the logo of the menu-pages?
Here's an example (the red circle): [Image: rapier_menu_logo8lzix.jpg]

Thank you.
Sure, ask away Wink

Go to Skin Settings > Home > Hide Category Icons.
This will disable all category icons.
Or you can add your own instead, if you wish.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
You can read the wiki for info about all skin settings and many other tips etc.
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