Registration Process & Banned Add-Ons
(2017-04-02, 02:17)bilgepump Wrote: Is there any need to include the words "3rd party"? It's not as if Kodi is providing any
"piracy add ons" in the first place.

IMO, language needs to be clear and explanatory. I can look at videos on youtube. I can look at videos on websites for tv stations here that replay shows that have been on tv. I could also access other "stuff" that appears on an internet search. Some person sitting in their house might not (probably does not) understand copyright law and the difference between legit and not legit internet sources. The term "piracy" explains nothing. An (edit:unsophisticated) end-user won't know how content gets on the internet. It should be explanatory, along the lines of "add ons that access content which has not been made available for free viewing by the content owner" (or something). I only know that exodus is "bad" from reading the Kodi forum, otherwise I've no clue what it is. Never heard of the others. How can people be expected to know all these names, let alone know that they are dodgy?

"If you use an add-on that accesses content otherwise than with the consent of the owner of that content, you will not get support from the Kodi team. There is a list of the add-ons that violate that rule here -LINK- It is constantly being updated, so don't assume that because it is not on the list it is ok."

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Registration Process & Banned Add-Ons1
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