Registration Process & Banned Add-Ons
(2017-04-02, 11:27)Dangelus Wrote: We have specific rules in place but this does not negate the fact that we as Moderators and Team Members reserve the right to use our discretion if we believe that a post is not in the spirit of the community or is pushing the boundaries of the forum rules.

In such cases where it is not clear what action (if any) should be taken we have an internal discussion and come to a consensus. When it comes to issues with installs that contain banned add-ons we will help if the intention is to remove them all. If we provide support for anything else then we are tacitly supporting getting installs running again with add-ons that we don't support which is not in the spirit of the forum rules.
That just means 'The rules are whatever we say they are.'
Which you can do, but it doesn't relate to what I wrote.

How does a new poster know that if he / she has xyz addon installed and is posting a log to get help with a library problem (ie unrelated) that the thread will be trashed? Where does it say so?
How is he / she supposed to know that if they so much as make a biblical reference their thread will be trashed, even if they're just saying they've used an addon in the past? Where is that rule?

These aren't outliers - they pop up as regular as clockwork and are trashed - often with an accompanying 'read the rules stoopid.' And those posters don't even have the opportunity to make the traditional 'crystal ball' post in reply.

You're setting people up to fail. That's unnecessary. Making the rules clearer and giving clear advice on registration would go a long way to addressing that.
Giving examples of banned stuff - the most common - would be helpful; pointing to a long list in small print in the wiki apparently doesn't work. Who'd have thought it?
Pointing new members at the trash folder - 'here's what you can't do' - might be helpful.
Making 'trashing' a less antagonistic process might be helpful.
Ultimately the desire has to be there though.

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