Registration Process & Banned Add-Ons
(2017-04-02, 12:51)Gracus Wrote:
(2017-04-02, 12:37)Dangelus Wrote:
(2017-04-02, 12:28)Gracus Wrote: And I think there is!

What rules say:
-talk about banned addons is not allowed (1)
-no support for banned addons (2)

Why a thread could be trashed:
-OP talk about banned addons so thread is trashed according to (1)
-OP wants help because his banned addon do not work anymore so thread is trashed according to (2)

But there is also other thread that will be trashed: those from people having issue with a core function of kodi or a legit addon BUT have banned addons installed

(1) and (2) do not apply here
You may argue that it is implicitely covered by (2) but it is not clearly written


The other issue I see...

Someone make a thread that has been trashed because he clearly talk banned addons by mentionning them

Then he makes another thread without the banned addon name anymore

Why this second thread is automatically banned?
At this point there is no more clearly written rules that could apply


Was just my 2 cents...

Because we use our discretion and can see the the OP is trying to bypass the rules. If we did nothing then eventually it would be clear that they have banned add-ons installed and they would have wasted the time of good hearted people who were trying to help.

Do you think the problem is that this is done or because they is no specific black and white rule for it? It would be impossible to list and categorise every single eventually and scenario this way which is why we use discretion.

As I said, the problem is in the fact that it is not clearly written

I already saw peoples arguing that their thread was trashed while it did not break the rules

Just change "no support for banned addons" with "no support for banned addons or kodi install containing one of them" in the rules and you git it covered

A fair comment.
Always read the Kodi online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Read/follow the forum rules.

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