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API version error

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Running on kodibunu, did a dist upgrade as I was having issues with epg crashing system.

In Australia, if that's an issue with epg format.

error from debug log: I checked and the version says 4.02 but didn't dig very far

Do I have to try an unstable build of Kodi to get a new version of the client? Or would I need to compile a new one?

See error from kodi log:

Add-on 'VBox TV Gateway PVR Client' is using an incompatible API version. XBMC
minimum API version = '5.2.1', add-on API version '4.1.0'
00:06:55.343 T:140224626030976 ERROR: UpdateAddons - failed to create add-on VBox TV Gateway PVR Client, status = 6
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