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Solved STEP-BY-STEP SOLUTION - Kodi 17.1 Krypton fails to launch in Mac OSX
We need all Addons*.db files, not only Addons27.db.
I can't go any further from step 7...I don't have a Kodi folder in Application support. Please help.
Post the content of your kodi.log at and the link back here.
I have try all steps, but still crashed and getting "Reopen....."
Post a Debug log (wiki).
This worked perfectly! Thank you so much!
(2017-04-03, 04:55)cathaireverywhere Wrote: Hi DJ - I actually figured it out, yay! I stead of the instructions of finding that folder on this thread, I followed these instructions and it worked!!

Click on finder icon.
Then when "finder" shows up on the top left menu of your computer, select Go>go to folder> and then enter this path:
~/Library/Application Support/XBMC

Then hopefully it will.tske you to the Kodi file where you can continue with the instructions on this post!!!

It worked for me, so happy! [/php]

So this helped me find the correct location. I ended up removing the XMBC because that was not the file name on my computer. This led me to the correct area where I found application support then clicked kodi, then followed the original instructions. It is back up and running!
Thank you!!
Hi all
I too have had problems downloading KODI to my mac. Constant quit and prompt to reopen! Have looked in Library & Application Support, but a KODI folder is not there.

I have tried to download the nightly updates but still not working. Any advice to download to be able to get the Kodi support also to be able to delete the error db files too


You rock dude. Even made an account just to say it. Thanks!
Likewise - signed up just to express my thanks, b7000. Detailed, thorough instructions are greatly appreciated! I look forward to being a contributing member on this site as I get deeper into all things Kodi. Best of luck, all!
(2017-04-03, 17:23)Martijn Wrote: We need the files!

Hey @Martijn,

Where can I find clear instructions on what files and how I get them to you??

I spent an hour browsing threads of frustrated users wanting a solution to their crash and most expert comments gave angsty, vague responses like yours - 'we need the files'. Repeating it obviously isn't helping anyone and kinda dumb. Since I've fixed the error, my .db files won't show you the problem, but, I can amend the post to give others clear instructions on how to give you the files you need to analyse, before they delete them. Your problem is solved and you'll get more than just one set of .db files to check. Please let me know what the instructions are. If you send me a bunch of links, you don't get what clear instructions are.

Cheers for the feedback everyone, I have amended the original post to reflect the XBMC folder possibility and steps to save the bbad files for the developers.

Good job b7000. IMHO should be a sticky once Team-Kodi add instructions on submitting the corrupt db files. Hopefully more people will check this thread before creating a new one complaining about the issue that this directly addresses.
I'm having the same issue. I cannot locate the Kodi file specified. My error log shows

ERROR: Exception updating database Addons27 from version 20 to 27
ERROR: Error updating database Addons27 from version 20 to 27

I read it may be a XBMC file. I don't know what this means or where to look. Any help would be great.


Fixed! I went through the go menu and located the correct files that way. Files removed were Addons20.db and Addons27.db

Thanks for the guide.

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STEP-BY-STEP SOLUTION - Kodi 17.1 Krypton fails to launch in Mac OSX3.52
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