Refocus on Krypton - A couple of questions
Firstly thanks for this skin; I can't believe I've only just found it! Looks stunning and works very slickly on my pi2.

Works great on Krypton too overall but I do have a couple of questions / issues that someone may be able to help with:

1. EPG channel icons. They work in Now, Next and Channel list views but don't show in the Timeline view. How do I get them to display?

2. I have my homescreen set up with widgets (popular movies, episodes watchlist etc) and they're displayed but they don't automatically cycle, i.e. they just stay on whichever movie is the first in the list. How do I make them cycle?

3. EPG First Aired. The first aired date is displayed for programmes in the EPG but it's always 01/01/1970. I guess it's just defaulting to this because I populate the EPG via WebGrab+Plus and it doesn't include that field. Is there a way of hiding the first aired info on the EPG (or better still, making Webgrab+Plus include the field, but I guess that's a question for them)?

4. "Show channel information when switching channels". To be fair I'm not sure this is a skin issue, but when switching to a channel from the EPG, the channel info is not displayed regardless of what timeout is set on this option. Anyone know of a fix for this?
I've wondered about questions one and three myself. Now that you've brought it up; the first aired date bugs me every time I see it. Smile
And it's not because of WebGrab+Plus, I'm using TVHeadend and nothing else for EPG.

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Refocus on Krypton - A couple of questions0
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