HOW-TO enable HD (High-Definition) on a European PAL Xbox with ndure softmod
Hi everyone,
i tried all the operations described in this faq without the component cable, just to check if my european hard-modded xbox supports HD modes.
I achieved the NTSC mode on my xbox but i can't see any high-res modes into the xbox dashboard: it is just because i didn't connect it with the special cable or there is any other problem?

Thanks in advance for the help.
Geddon Wrote:There are three likely causes of a bad picture when using a HD connection:

C. You've got a poor quality HD cable. With a lot of electrical equipment you can get away with using cheap no-name cables as interconnects, unfortunately the xbox doesn't fall into that category. A lot of the third party HD cables available for the xbox will cause problems (it seems to be a common complaint on forums) so it's best to stick with the ones I recommend in the guide.

For those out there having the ghosting problem still, who have a CHEAP HD cable (I have a couple "Exquisite A/V Commutator" CM2010)... I have a solution. Last night I got my xbox into NTSC mode, got XBMC set up to display 1080i and 720p but had horrendous ghosting. Found this page and got seriously annoyed because I bought two of these cheap HD packs off ebay and both ghosted.

I pulled one apart and looked on the bottom and could clearly see that the soldering job was done by an old blind woman, as there was solder joining tracks that seemed to me shouldn't be joined. (I know bugger all of electronics, it just looked wrong). So I took a tiny flat head screwdriver to it and scraped away the solder crossing the tracks and tried 1080i and 720p again.... with NO GHOSTING!! WOOT WOOT!

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HOW-TO enable HD (High-Definition) on a European PAL Xbox with ndure softmod1
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