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Windows - Can't get PS1/PSX emulation to work. Black screen.
Whenever I attempt to load a .cue file with "Playstation (Mednafen PSX) I simply get a black screen with a play time of 0:00/1:00 bar.
Nothing ever happens beyond that. Further attempts crash Kodi all together.

What am I missing?
You're likely missing the BIOS files (SCPHxxxx.bin). Google for them, as they're not something Sony likes to see linked to.
They need to be put in the system folder of the Mednafen/PCSX plugins.
I have placed that file in "/Userdata/Addon_data/game.libretro.beetle-psx/resources/system" using SCPH-5501.BIN. Still the same problem. The cue file points to the correct file as well.
The Game add-ons wiki article mentions that the Lakka wiki has a table of acceptable BIOS file names for retroarch cores. Looks like you need to rename your BIOS to scph5501.bin.
That was the issue, didn't realize it would be case sensitive. Thank you for helping me find the solution.

Can't get PS1/PSX emulation to work. Black screen.00