ISO/IMG (DVD-Video images) and VIDEO_TS.IFO (VOB) support?
Has anyone had any success with playing IFO or ISO's? It allows me to select the video file but it just goes black and then sends me back to the file listing. I have no issues with the same files in VLC.

BTW.. So happy to see this on the MAC. I have 2 other modded Xbox's running XBMC but I went with a MAC mini for HD res.
Same here. I can't get any of my ISO's or VIDEO_TS folders to play. Maybe we'll get this capability in the next release. However, being able to play 1080P MKV files with DTS is just awesome, and makes it really easy for me to forget the few dvd rips that I can't play.
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First of all Elan and also other helpers... you are my heroes! I have been waiting for this for so long!!
You're hard work is VERY appreciated by all of us who just can't have this cool stuff without you! Nod

Anyone figure out a way to get ISO files to play yet? I to compiled the latest SVN to see if I could get ISO's to play. No luck for me at least... Huh
No luck here either. I can play vobs however.

Hopefully the developers will enable this feature in a future build as this is how I access all my dvd's.
No luck with ISO or other disk image formats here on the Elan OSX Port.. yet. I hope to see this soon. This isn't the place for "feature requests" or bug reports though, so I opened one here too:

Looking forward to replacing the old xbox with a shiny new mac mini.

Is it support or are their plans to suppor it.

Sorry, "supported". Tying too fast for my own good.
The following thread was posted two days before yours. ISO support = video_ts support.
I meant to say that IFO support = video_ts support.
I thought I would share with this thread that Elan mentioned in a comment on the blog that these features (ISO/IMG/IFO (video_ts) support are definitely on the list of things to do in the near future.

Elan & crew, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong or have mis-understood the priorities.

Just tried out today's release of 0.1.3. ISO and VIDEO_TS finally works! This is terrific! Thank you Elan. OSXBMC is IMO, officially outstanding! I think it's time to donate you some beer. Smile
I tried to play an ISO image with the latest version 0.1.3 it crashed after start playing.

Also was playing with strange sound.
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Hey, I got my ISO's and Vob's to play! However, I get a strange chopping sound instead of audio... Anyone else get that? Huh

Thank you guys soooo much for your work on this! At this rate we are going to have a fully functional setup in no time! Elan, elses, do you guys have a paypal donation setup anywhere? Wink
I had the same problem with audio as will, only when I had XBMC configured with Digital and S/PDIF.

But when I switched to analog I had nothing and was playing like I was using fast forward, I'm just guessing that might be because I was trying to play 6 channels on 2 channel device !!!
I'm also having problems playing ISOs, it plays the video but the sound is just a high pitched crackling noise. The disc then locks up and I have to kill XBMC manually.

This is playing ISO's mounted via SMB on a Win2K3 box over 802.11g, so there are a lot of variables that I haven't messed with yet.
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ISO/IMG (DVD-Video images) and VIDEO_TS.IFO (VOB) support?00