Update the movies on the homepage without restarting Kodi
Is it somehow possible to update the list of movies not watched shown on the first page (homepage) without restarting Kodi?

Reason for my question is I've noticed how a movie you already watched will stay in the list until Kodi has been restarted. I also noticed how only one of two new movies showed up in the list during startup. After restarting Kodi the second movie showed up in the list as well.

I've already tried the 'Update library' function to no avail so was thinking if there is some other way updating this list? Not even sure if this is related to the skin or not so forgive me if I'm posting my question in the wrong forum and if that's the case - feel free to move it into the correct one.
Is the action for reloading the skin, this will cause the widgets to update.

You can make a menu/submenu item with that command as a custom action, and then click it when you want to reload the widgets.

Alternatively, you can add it to your keymap:
HOW-TO:Modify_keymaps (wiki)

Out of interest, are you using Jarvis or Krypton?
In Krypton I thought this had been resolved - widgets are supposed to update after you finish watching something. Maybe it hasn't though...
I tried what you suggested by going into skin settings and then chose to customize the home menu where I added a new item with the action ReloadSkin() but maybe I should have put something between the ( and ) signs as well?

Anyway it doesn't work I'm afraid. Using the new menu item does make the skin reload but the movies seen on the first page won't update unless I restart Kodi.

I'm using the Krypton.
Sounds like a kodi bug then, because reloadskin will force the containers to update, so kodi is obviously not updating the content, though I'm not sure what the bug would be related to because they update fine for me.

If you actually go into the relevant library section has it been updated?
Sorry for the late reply. I was never notified of your post.

I solved it using a work-around. I created an action in my Logitech Harmony remote that allows me to restart Kodi with a single press of a button.

Thanks anyway!
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Update the movies on the homepage without restarting Kodi00