Master Lock Code request?
Im just updated from 16.1 to 17.0 on my Fire Stick but in Settings I can't access Profile Settings as i'm always prompted to enter a Master Lock Code, despite the fact I haven't set one.

In Interface Settings there is a Master Lock tab, but I need to enter a Master Lock Code to enter.

Anyone know if there is a default code, as I certainly haven't set one up.

Solved this by trial and error.

Turns out the default Master Lock Code is 1234

Ive now disabled it as follows...

Go to Interface Settings and make sure you first scroll down to the very bottom of the screen and select the tab with the cog icon in it, keep selecting this and each time you do it will change the mode from Basic > Standard > Advanced > Expert. Ensure it is in at least Standard to reveal the Master Lock tab above.

Now scroll up to Master Lock > Master Lock Code and Settings and disable it.
Can I open interface settings without the master lock code?
Yes you can. A master Lock is not required for any part of Kodi.

A few people use it for various types of reasons, mainly to keep the kids out of movies outside their age range.
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Thank you
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