Android - Video playback randomly stops

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goujam Offline
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How are you connected to the network if on WiFi try a wired connection
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(2017-06-19 07:07)Karellen Wrote:  Hello RomanIron,

I have merged your two threads. We do not allow duplicate posts. I have also moved it to the Android Forum. Hopefully you will receive a better response.

I have looked over your last log. Unfortunately you only Enabled Debug Log just before the log ends.

Submit another log. Enable Debugging in settings, then RESTART Kodi, then play the movie so it randomly stops. Then upload the log.

Be aware that the Logs are only "Session Logs" The logs are written from Kodi startup to Kodi shutdown (or crash). The next time you start Kodi, the kodi.log is cleared, and you start again. A new Kodi.log is created. The kodi.log that was there is renamed to kodi.old.log and the existing kodi.old.log is deleted. In effect you only ever have two logs available- the current one, and the previous one.

You need to run the debugging mode again and replicate the crash, and upload the log using one of these two methods...
1. If you are going to restart Kodi to use the uploader app, you need to upload kodi.old.log
2. Before restarting, you can manually copy and paste the contents of the kodi.log to a pastebin site

Thanks for for sahring this information....
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rollin Offline
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I do have the same Issuse. Drives me nuts. Kodi 17.2 worked flawless on my Nvidia Shield(2017), i think at least. I am not sure if the problem startet already with 17.2.
It is connected via GBit-Ethernet. Once per file it stops. Can be after a few second, minutes or even after an hour. After resuming playback it works until the movie has ended. Any clue?
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mwkurt Offline
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I have the same issue with my Shields. Every once in a while the video will stop playing for no reason, so it seems. When this does happen, I can go and restart from where it stopped due to Kodi's ability to add the pointer for restarting a file. Unfortunately, I never know when this will happen as it is different every time. This is local media files stored on a Windows 7 machine I use as my media server connected by ethernet cable.

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marcelg Offline
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It happens to me with 17.3 x32, using shield TV on synology NAS with cable connection.
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Kazuson Offline
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Try turning off the media codec surface setting

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mdmm Offline
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According to your suggestion,I am using only Legal videos and legal live tv channels now on Kodi 17.3 Kryopton
I am also facing 2 problems
1- There in audio sound with all videos/movies/live tv.
2- Video quality in these , videos and live tv is very poor. Kindly give me hints to fix this problem ,I am using
MBOX-M96X-AMLOGIC S905X-upgraded-A53. ANDROID 6.0 -Model M96X- 64Bit
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Grippen Offline
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I'm having the same with my shield TV. I have it since 2015 and it has been working fine until about 1 month ago or so. Maybe it would happen sporadically in the past I can't remember but now is with almost any video. I didn't change anything in my configuration, same TV, same synology NAS, and even the android version is the same because I'm using a full android custom Rom and not the Nvidia official one. I didn't install any new apps on it either.

Any of you having this issue with the shield TV is running stock Rom or are you using a custom Rom like me?
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