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Recording time incorrect, can't play full file in kodi
Just set up live tv and pvr with kodi and have been loving it, thanks for all your hardwork. I encountered a problem with my first recording that i can't seem to find a fix for. I scheduled a recording and it appears to have worked fine. However, when i play the recording in kodi, about 10mins in the length of the tv show changes from about an hour to 16+ hours. It continues playing fine but then about 40mins in the recording stops and i can't watch the end of the show. I went into NextPVR and i can playback the recording without any problems and the length of the show is displayed correctly. I use a windows 10 machine with the latest version of kodi and nextpvr as the backend. I'm recording a show live over the air. Any help in fixing this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
This wont be directly to do with the NextPVR addon, since it's not doing the actual playack (or determination of the duration), but post the kodi.log showing an attempt to view the file, and hopefully one of the core kodi developers will spot it and be able to offer advice.

Is the problem happening will all recordings, or just this one?
Thanks for the response. It's actually the very first recoding i made. I recorded 2 other shows since then that were 30mins each and they appear to be working fine. Here's the kodi.log

I'm an amateur figuring this stuff out, hope i did the log file correctly, had to look up how to do that.

Thanks again.
Yeah, that's the right type of file. Was that log collected immediately after trying to play the file? I can't see the attempt to play your recording.
It actually freezes kodi when the recording stops at about 40mins in, so i had to close kodi and restart it. In the log uploader settings i checked off to send the log from the last time kodi ran, maybe it didn't? I'll look at it again and try to upload again, unfortunately I'm working a 24hr shift, I'll have to try tomorrow.
If you restart kodi, it'll overwrite the log. I have no idea what log uploader settings they have - just grab the file from the directory after the problem happens.
Ok, not sure why but the uploader was only sending the current log and not the previous. Anyway, after several attempts i got the error to happen without completely freezing kodi. Here is the log

The recording this is happening on is of the show 24 Legacy. If i search the log for "legacy", i think i see the attempt to play it.
That looks like the right sort of file. I can't interpret these Kodi demux log messages myself, but as I mentioned above, hopefully one of the core kodi developers will spot your post and be able to offer some advice. From your description, it sounds like they're not handling PTS discontinuities or clock wrap-around or something similar.

Recording time incorrect, can't play full file in kodi00