Windows - app tv crashes kodi

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after installing and enabling app tv, it turns my screen solid black with a white cursor arrow. nothing else. I have to ctrl alt del to get out of kodi. every start up does the same thing. how can i change back to default skin from outside of the program? i dont want to have to do a full uninstall and lose all my settings if i can avoid that
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Zyente Offline
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Same problem here, please help !
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Should in theory be nothing in a skin that can crash Kodi, in theory. Please turn on debug logging and retry changing to the skin and then post a link to your debug log here. Please do not use dropbox, google drive or any other form of cloud drive as it is a massive PITA to read the logs thru these services. Please used pastbin or other simular services as I and others can read the logs online and don't need to download your log before being able to read them.

The skin has an option to turn on and download the log files, but as Kodi seems to be crashing this will be of no use to you.

I await your FULL log files.
Wyrm (AppTV)

If required a FULL debug log can now be submitted from the skin in settings->skin settings->support. Or follow instructions here if you can't access skin settings.

FAQ's located at :-
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Instructions to create the debug log are here...

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