latest kody + dvbviewer RS

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I'm a new user and very newbie to kodi I apologize for lack of knowledge and if the content of this post is forbidden

last night i've simply get working dvbviewer + Recording services on a h24 server + kodi + dvbviewer plugin running on a sony kd-65xd85 android tv and get very smoothly 4k channel viewing and i am very happy of it.

I also have a pc directly connected to tv via hdmi for gaming and actually to watch encrypted channels with dvbviewer via RS + acamd (With this pc i can't get smooth view of 4k channel due an old ati 5770 video card that not support natively 4k resolution and an i5 3350p without quicksyc )
My target is to manage all from kodi for watching encrypted channels: there is an addon like acamd/hadu for kodi to get this working if possible?

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here you won't get any support for pay-tv hacks - even not for "home-sharing"

However, the RS doesn't need much graphic power. So you should be able to use your Kodi install as frontend (there you need graphic power or hw decoding for 4k) and the RS on the gaming PC as backend (server)
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it's quite simple too....use your dvbviewer rs (or new media server) as a backend and kodi's dvbviewer pvr plugin as frontend...the installation and setup is quite simple
if you look for tools like acamd/ shouldn't look here or at dvbviewer forum since what you want isn't legal in most countries.....but if you search in a search engine of your choice you'll learn
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if someone need a german guide for free tv look @ my post at kodinerds.
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