Raspbian crash when kodi start

i tried the last driver on the waveshare wiki. And it works, kodi don't crash but... Need touchscreen calibration !

I have the touch working on kodi juste on the top left of the screen, if i create an user and follow the rest of your instructions, will that work ?

Just want to be shure, don't want to reinstall everything !

And again, thanks for the help !
Don't know. Installing their driver you will have to ask support from them, since without it works fine.
I'm asking them but they don't have a solution for now.

Is there a method for calibrate the touchscreen via kodi or something with kodi ?
Touchscreen calibration is generally done outside kodi, in config.txt. If you are talking about the image only there is an option inside kodi in video settings.
advancedsettings.xml#touchscreen (wiki)
Thanks popcornmix, didn't know that.
I tried with advancedsettings to but it doesn't work .

I think i'm gonna use kodi whithout the touch. I don't see how solve the issue.

I just want to start kodi on boot but i don't have this file : /etc/default/kodi

Can someone tell me why?
Try this, part 10 - Calibrate touchscreen :

That file isn't included in debian packages anymore, but you can use the older ones available in older packages or create a systemd service script.
I tried the calibration but if i touch the left up corner on th screen, the mouse show in the middle off the screen, si i can't calibrate anything. (i downloaded the file zip and installed it in kodi)

And i think it's because i can't calibrate that i don't have the file that is mentionned. So i can't change the files.

I don't know why kodi doesn't want the calibration.
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