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Hi there:
Is there a way to roll back to an earlier version?
May i ask you, why you want to do this?
Is something not working as expected?
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Yes. I can't seem to export all my movies any more. The recent movies don't seem to create an HTML file. I don't know how any of what you do works, but until this latest release I could export my movies to my folder and it would then include the latest movies that were added and scraped. That doesn't happen with the latest version. Definitely could be operator error, but I've tried many times and can't get the export to work as before. All my older movies are still there, just not the new ones. Fantastic program by the way. Thanks very much.
yo are right - looks like the dammed change for exporting (do not cleanup export folder..) is causing that.
in the meantime you could clear the whole export folder and everything should be exported again
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Thanks for your suggestion to delete the contents of my export folder and re-export. Worked like a charm.
Thanks again for a great program.
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