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kodi mythtv channel unavailable

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jmgant Offline
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I am using Jarvis and mythtv 0.28. I installed the pvr addon via apt and it somewhat works. By that I mean that random channels will fail to start; the process hangs a bit then times out with a "channel unavailable" message.

The card, Ceton 4, works as I can view all channels using mythforntend. Channels kodi fails to tune will sometimes tune at a later point, so I am puzzled by this.
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MikeB2013 Offline
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The "channel unavailable" message is usually due to the channel change taking too long, default 5 seconds.

You can change the default timeout for "Tuning delay (sec)" in pvr.mythtv addon Advanced tab. Suggest you try increasing to 10 seconds.
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