PVR.WMC not conecting with ServerWMC
At least that is what I think is (not) happening. I have installed ServerWMC and enabled the PVR WMC client, allowing firewall access and directories shared to everyone, but when I start Kodi the window at top reports scanning for PVR services then times out with a message that the PVR manager has been enabled without any enabled PVR add-on. Kodi then opens the add-on page, I enable the PVR WMC client, then return to the TV page and disable then re-enable TV under the general tab and Kodi then starts scanning for PVR services again, and again times out.

Something I am doing wrong obviously, but what? All help appreciated.

Maybe I solved this myself. I uninstalled ServerWMC (I had installed version 1244) and installed version 1225 that I had archived. The PVR WMC client connected with that version, no problem. Version 1225 then advised that update version 1244 was available which I applied, and the PVR WMC client then connected with the updated version, no problem.

There was some issue with installation of ServerWMC version 1244 from scratch, but I don't know what.
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PVR.WMC not conecting with ServerWMC00