whats your favourite skin
Hey what's everyone's favourite skin on krypton
Mine is titan who else agrees with me here
I'm pretty non committal, but Krypton default of Estuary has my eye.

The conversation is best situated in the Skins Support area so I'll move this out of the general Kodi discussions.
Went from Confluence to Estuary :-)

Never liked any other 3rd party skins because they are either not adding substantial extras for me or are making it too complex to maintain on multiple systems.
Confluence or Aeon Nox.
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I've only been using Kodi a few weeks, and still learning the basics.
Being a beginner, I've only experienced Krypton v17.0
I started with Estuary, but I am currently using Estuary Mod, as I heard it was easy for beginners.
Not too sure what the difference is, as I wasn't on Estuary long enough to remember.

I find it easy to find recently added movies, but struggle when I want to just browse through the full collection.
I also find browsing through Actors is difficult, as there are thousands listed.
Was using Aeon Nox, but really liking Estuary after moving to Krypton.
Started with Estuary. To many display glitches (started a thread in it's forum - not committed yet). Back to Confluence.
Metropolis and Aeon Nox Silvo.
I am taking a break from minimalistic and modern looking skins with no soul.
Former Aeon MQ user not an estuary user.
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