Overwriting poster and fanart
I have a heap of poster and fanart images not loading in kodi , when I try and use tinymedia it says the imaages already exist and it wont overwrite them , if I manually go in and delete the poster and fanart files then use tiny media to scrape the movie again then they appear.
Is there a way to force tinymedia to redownload all the fan art and posters and overwrite the existing files ?

I also created movie sets and they appear in tiny media but they dont show in kodi like they do when you use a external information provider , do I need to change the setup in kodi or expot from tinymedia into kodi
I found what was happening with the groups , when I did a original scan using external scraper the movies were placed in groups and they could be seen on the title menu as well as single titles , when I used tinymedia it placed the groups in there own seperate movie section called groups , titles just has single movies only. Need to see if I can create a rule so both groups and individual titles are shown.
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Overwriting poster and fanart00