Kodi should have its own 'vendor' NTP pool at ntp.org and stop using default

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Hedda Offline
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Just learned that when you have a popular software like Kodi with millions of users then you should really get your own 'vendor zone' from ntp.org and not use the default pool.ntp.org address as it says here:


What this basically just means is that XBMC Foundation should contact ntp.org and request to get your own unique NTP pool (or several NTP pools if needed) for Kodi and "not use the default pool.ntp.org zone names as the default configuration in your application".


Purpose for this is similar to other free online services that request that you get your own unique API key for your application, as that makes it easier for them to keep proper capacity and scale their service to fit your application needs.

This should not cost the XBMC Foundation / Team Kodi any money as ntp.org don't charge for implementations in free and open source applications, and hopefully it should not be to much effort either to get Kodi its own NTP pool(s) at ntp.org and implement them as defaults in Kodi configuration.
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wsnipex Offline
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not sure what you are talking about. Kodi does not use NTP, only the OS it is installed on.
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