Work in Progress - Sony Bravia TV display off screensaver

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Photo  Sony Bravia TV display off screensaver
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I developed a screensaver plugin for Sony Bravia Smart TV's which will turn the display off when the screensaver kicks in. This will reduce the power consumption in my case to about 18W instead of normally 30-60W
Tested on a 2015 Sony Android TV. In this case, you probably have Kodi running on the TV which makes it hard to fill in the pairing code. You can use the Kore remote app or something else that won't directly talk to the TV. I found it's also possible to do the pairing on another device with Kodi.

The plugin can be found here:

I know I can probably improve my code, which I will do later..Or just submit a pull request!

Let me know what works and not.
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