Making changes to files but not appearing in kodi
I have gone through using tinymedia and edited all my movies and make sure they are scaped with the proper info , the problem is some movies do not appear at all in kodi - I changed kodi sources and the rechanged back to vido to force it to find all movies but some I can see in tiny media are not showing up at all in kodi ,
Do I have to do something in tinymedia to write the changes permanently to file ? that I have made .

Is there a proper how to to use all tiny media functions other than command line ?

Delving into the problem further with just one file to test and aother file that is working ok

the file is located in c:\movies\finding nemo rip\finding nemo rip.mp4 does not come up in kodi
the other file is c:\movies\finding dora rip\finding dora rip.mp4 and it works fine
Tiny media finds finding nemo and then I scape it for the data and it puts it in the directory , one thing I noticed is the .nfo file is called movie and all my other movies directories have .nfo so I seem to be missing a file "finding nemo rip.nfo"

In kodi if I set info provider to local provider only finding dory comes up , if I set it to use a internet provider then both finding dory and finding nemo come up.

If we have good internet acces I would most probabily just leave it at that but we are on sattelite and it is slow and no reasonable data allowance so I need to sort out what the issue is.
Kodi should be able to find/import movie.nfo and <filename>.nfo
Should not matter.
You can change this in settings... or rename this by hand for testing....

You might want to turn on Kodi debug log, to see why it is not importing.
But never had any problems using "local informations" inside Kodi....
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I have the same problem

my tiny manager shows 150 movies but kodi (osmc version) on pi1 show a number betwen 130 and 135. The library shows different number of movie without a libray update.

I search kodi.log but there are no mesage of errors.
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Making changes to files but not appearing in kodi00