Just saw this article about Kodi/DRM

basically, I dont care about DRM, so if that option will not have negative impact (size, performance, etc.) to the other part of code, which I really using, its doesnt matter to me and I can say, why not, more options = better product. Of course I am little selfish and want only "my features", because smaller amount of feature = better quality of them (and yes, I see quite a drawback when it comes to comparation of Kodi 16 and 17 Smile But I am relativelly tolerant person.

Because the GPL and closed source binary blobs aren't compatible, we can't ship them along Kodi. What we can do is use them to play DRMed content if they are present on your system.
Well, I dont want to any of that code in my system, so until this will not mandatory (Installer checkbox, or 2 separate downloads: +DRM / Normal), everything is fine by me. I dont see there any unethical thing, whou would?? You have to follow GPL, and thats it.

Keep it up, cross fingers, guys
I have no opinion on this subject because I am just a user of the software.
I am very grateful for what Kodi already allows me to do with my media, the debate about accessing DRM protected services should be left to those past, present and future team members who have, do and will contribute to the codebase, anything the team decides is all any of us outside of it should accept, its not our place to tell volunteers what to do.
I wanna know if you guys actually read those articles you linked to. The way you guys have posted on here it's almost like you read the title and that's it.....
I think it would be ideal if we could get services like Netflix and HBO Go to play within Kodi. It's annoying to exit out of Kodi on a Fire TV or similar in order to launch separate apps for each video service, and the lack of a 10 foot UI for switching between these apps on a PC is the main reason I rarely use my HTPC to run Kodi these days. I've never quite understood the revulsion towards binary blobs, but I'd have no problem with checking a box or installing a DRM add-on to enable this feature.
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Just saw this article about Kodi/DRM00